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Asian Fusion | ££




“We decided ok, we will be casual and as approachable as possible, so everyone can come in and enjoy it here rather than just fearing the prices and everything else.”, said Adnan, owner of Foley’s, as we sipped on our coffees with him. And he’s done just that. At Foley’s, you’ll sit down and have a chat with the table next to you. The staff is approachable and kind (say hi to Meric for us at the bar). The atmosphere is warm and pleasant -- just what you need after a cold and busy day in London.

Our personal favourites: the Monkey King Cocktail, the aromatic duck buns, and the Tamarind duck (yes, a lot of duck).

It’s the kind of place you may have walked by, but didn’t necessarily think of stepping into. It’s the kind of hidden gem you’ll find on LocalMeal.


23 Foley St, London W1W 6DU, UK


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