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Rita's Dining

American/British | ££




One could say Rita’s Dining is the epitome of “judge a book by its cover”. Your journey with Rita’s starts just outside of the wooden doors where the bar stools you can people-watch from are already welcoming you inside. Upon entry, you’re greeted warmly by the smell of incense, flowers propped up in old wine bottles and a candle lit hue. What the atmosphere promises in cozy, homy warmth- the food delivers.

The cuisine is unique - we’d describe it as a perfect blend of cultural casualness and explosive flavour intensity. With good food comes great service - staff is attentive and friendly, and can nail the best pairings and recommendations.

What we drank and ate:

- House Rita & Fresh Start, both with a fresh sweet and sour taste that was just so good

- Some of the best, crispiest potatoes we’ve ever had

- Barbecued beef tartare with garlic, raw vegetables and lots of herbs - so different yet so much more exciting and delicious than conventional beef tartare

- The catch of the day (fish) with an incredible sauce that they call "maco-pico" (tip: dip the fries into that sauce, it’s that tasty)

- Finally, the affogato with gelato and mezcal - it was bitter-sweet and not overwhelming; just the right finish to a very satisfying dinner


49 Lexington St, Carnaby, London W1F 9AP, UK


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