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Drive footfall in your restaurant

Collaborate with LocalMeal

Social Media Showcase

Engage with our dynamic community and showcase the essence of your culinary creations and ambiance through professionally curated content on TikTok and Instagram.

Increased Visibility

Reach a wider audience with professionally curated content, boosting your restaurant's online presence.

Enhanced Brand Image

Present your culinary creations and ambiance in a polished manner, creating a positive and enticing brand image.


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User Discounts and Giveaways

Attract a steady stream of LocalMeal users with exclusive discounts and strategically crafted giveaways, creating a buzz around your restaurant.


Foot Traffic Boost

Attract a steady stream of LocalMeal users with exclusive discounts, boosting sales and creating a win-win scenario.

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New Customer Acquisition

Bring new people in the door who wouldn't have otherwise visited your restaurant, expanding your customer base.

Booking Platform
Insight Programme

Collaborate with LocalMeal to create a dedicated booking platform tailored to address the specific needs of your independent restaurant.


Streamlined Reservations

Streamline reservations and minimize administrative tasks, optimizing operational efficiency.


Increased Bookings

Improve your restaurant's visibility and attract more bookings through LocalMeal booking services, boosting revenue.

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