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Our Story

The three of us met at UCL and built our relationship around the search for great dining experiences. We found the most exciting ones to be the most authentic and unknown. They weren’t the places you would see on OpenTable, Zomato etc. and were usually only known by “the locals”. We realised there was no one platform allowing adventurous food lovers to consistently find the “hidden food gems” of the city. 

From there, LocalMeal was born. Our mission is to rebuild trust in restaurant recommendations, by providing personalized recommendations for small, local, delicious places.

The Founders
Headshot of Isabella, LocalMeal co-founder
Headshot of Derin, LocalMeal co-founder

Isabella Mandich

Favorite local restaurant...

in London: Conchiglia

in LA: Estate Coffee

Derin Mutlu

Favorite local restaurant...

in London: Pitted Olive

in Istanbul: Suna'nın yeri

Headshot of Noah, LocalMeal co-founder

Noah Deron

Favorite local restaurant...

in London: Burger & Beyond

in Vienna: Rinderwahn


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