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Tell us what you think of the app!

We want to hear what you love about the app and the things that we can do better... 

Our belief is that by listening to our community, we can make restaurant discovery more trustworthy, personalised, and convenient than ever before. 

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Thanks for telling us!


Our most frequently asked questions about the
LocalMeal Beta
answered right here.

Who is considered to be a "local"? 

Currently, you are considered a local if you have properly lived in the city in question - whether you grew up there, as a uni student, or as a professional. We verify your local status by immediately asking you to tell us your go-to local spot as you create your profile!

What's considered a "chain"? Why can't I recommend them? 

Our definition of a "chain" is a restaurant group with more than 5 existing locations. Our mission is to help you discover the independently-owned restaurants that are located in less busy areas and which do not operate with the same marketing budgets as these big players. 

What is the purpose of a "beta" app? 

We’ll be honest. We’re a student startup, not a tech giant. This will be the first of many versions - there will be bugs and features to fix. That's where you come in!

It’s time to share your feedback and join our mission to disrupt restaurant discovery by making it more local, convenient, and social than ever before. 

I tried to recommend a restaurant, but the app did not find it. Why? 

Due to our technology which detects chain restaurants in London, we are sometimes unable to retrieve real-time restaurant information. As a result, we need to manually add new restaurant openings which is likely the reason your recommendation was not found. Tell us the name in the feedback box above and we will make it available ASAP.

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