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In honor of Persian New Year coming up on Sunday, we bring to you LocalMeal’s THIRD rec for Persian cuisine. Berenjak transports a classic hole-in-the-wall eatery from the streets of Tehran into the heart of Soho. The platters are perfect for sharing, so take your close ones and celebrate!

The high-quality produce and ingredients shined through each dish packed with flavor. We tried two types of flatbreads - the Taftoon and Sangak - one fluffy and the other thin but both were equally as good. What better pairing for delicious break than an assortment of dips? 🫓🫒🫕We got the hummus, Mast o Khiar (Turkish yogurt-base), Black Truffle olivieh (inspired by French cuisine), and Mirza Ghasemi (an incredible aubergine-based dip). Finally, we tried 3 kebabs: the classic minced lamb Koobideh kabab, the spicy poussin Jujeh kabab, and the Barreh kabab (lamb chunks instead of minced). Honestly, they were all impeccably cooked and tender. Full to the brim, we topped our dinner off with fresh mint tea.

Staff was more than kind, and the atmosphere was so welcoming that we were the last party sitting at the restaurant.


27 Romilly St, London W1D 5AL, UK


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