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Although the name suggests quite the opposite, Brutto is a sweet, attractive Florentine Trattoria, with undeniably delicious food. Not pretentious, no twists, just classic Italian done well. This one’s perfect for group dates or family dinners.

The atmosphere is welcoming, with wooden chairs, classic red-checked tablecloths, frames scattered across pale mint green walls and bottles of wine chilled in large tomato cans on the candlelit round tables. You’ll almost feel like you've been teleported to a small Italian town, reflected by the service which is casual yet attentive; almost family-like.

Some things we had:

  • A perfect trio of fat brown anchovies, sourdough and cold twirly butter

  • “Doughball Cuddles” with prosciutto & stracchino are comfort and pure happiness in one bite. These were a standout!

  • Penne con Vodka, well-balanced with a silky tomato & vodka sauce combined with a hint of heat from the chilli.

  • Sliced rare beef with roasted potatoes (perfectly crisp of course)

  • Tiramisu which was to die for. Everything from the texture to the balance of flavours was just right, not to mention the generous portion.


35-37 Greenhill Rents, London EC1M 6BN, UK


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