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Store St. Espresso

Coffee Shop | £




If you’re a UCL, SOAS, or AA student looking for high-quality coffee but tired of same ol’ Waterstones, you’ve got to check Store Street Espresso, situated near these campuses on, you’ve guessed it, Store St. And if you aren’t a student, you’ve still got to check it out.

Full of plants, natural light and colourful art, Store Street’s atmosphere sparks creativity whether over coffee with a friend or for your own personal projects. 🪴

While a good cup of coffee isn’t necessarily unique around London anymore, Store St distinguishes itself through desserts such as their matcha cookie, carrot cake or chocolate hazelnut brownie and through proper breakfast items like their ham and cheese croissant. If you're not feeling coffee, get the chai latte. (seriously get it!)


40 Store St, London WC1E 7DB, UK


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