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Central London coffee runs with coffee-lover, Sofia

Hi all I’m Sofia. I’m not one to say much about food due to my trait of being a picky eater. But what I can call myself is a self-proclaimed expert in coffee. This started a few years back when my dad bought a machine and became obsessed with the beans, the temperature of the coffee, the texture of the milk… you get the point. Well, during lockdown, as we all tried to entertain ourselves, he taught me the art of making coffee. Whether I’m making one or going to a coffee shop, a flat white is the way I start my day so here are some of my favourites you should check out in central London.

Workshop Coffee

If you’re ever around Oxford St, you should definitely go grab a coffee from Workshop Coffee in St Christopher’s Place. Tucked away in the corner of the square you could easily miss this hidden gem. Workshop masters the art of the coffee. Their flat white is easily in my top three. Not too acidic in its taste, with the perfect warm but not burning temperature and a creamy texture, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for any day. This isn’t the coffee shop to sit and work as the interior has smaller tables (perfect for a cup of coffee, not a laptop). But go enjoy a coffee there and you’ll definitely go back.

Workshop flat white and cinnamon roll
Workshop flat white and cinnamon roll

Redemption Roasters

Redemption roasters is my favourite place when I want a great coffee (it never disappoints), but also when I can’t decide what to eat. I know I said I’m not a food expert but who doesn’t like a bite to eat with their coffee or tea. They have it all, from a range of amazing and unique pastries to great poached eggs or avocado on toast. Redemption can be found in a few locations around central London, so find one near you and try it out. You won’t be sorry.

Poached eggs on toast w/ a side of bacon
Redemption poached eggs on toast w/ a side of bacon


Do you ever have anyone visiting you in London or you’re out with a friend and trying to find a coffee shop unlike any you’ve ever been to? Then go to Attendant. Found in the heart of Fitzrovia (and underground) this coffee shop used to be a gentleman’s toilet and man have they found a way to make it look incredibly cool. Not only is it unique, but the coffee and food are great. Because this coffee shop is not too large (you can only have an old toilet be so big), the service is excellent, and you can be chatting to your friend and to the barista at the same time. Go here for some great vibes.

One latte and two flat whites
Attendant latte and two flat whites

39 Steps Coffee

39 Steps Coffee holds a special place in my heart. In my first year of uni I would go grab a coffee at their now closed Soho location. I then found out about their eggs on toast and it’s still my favourite breakfast in London. Their coffee and food can still be found in Knightsbridge with a very chill upstairs perfect for breakfast or lunch any day. They make lovely coffee, both hot and iced, and please don’t miss out on an amazing meal. If you go try this place, chances are I’ll be there :)

39 Steps flat white
39 Steps flat white

Store Street Espresso

Store Street is an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop with cool wooden tables and plants hanging from the ceiling, and yes, it’s on Store St, Bloomsbury. You’ll find all types of coffee shop people there: those that go to work, those that hang out with friends, those that enjoy their time reading a book… All of them come for the top-quality coffee and great atmosphere. I have to add that I love Store St’s coffee so much that I now buy their beans for my own coffee. A classic coffee shop, this isn’t one to miss.

Store st atmosphere
Store Street atmosphere

That’s it for the coffee recommendations today. Be sure to check them out and I hope you enjoy! Glad to welcome you coffee-lovers to the LocalMeal community :)

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